Welcome to Prologic

We are inspired by the UAE’s vision for development among global market and availability of next generation facilities for maritime and transport industry. As an International Freight Forwarding company in Dubai, we are legally registered with Department of Economic Development (DED). Prologic is operated and managed by a group of experts having decades of professional experience in freight forwarding via Air, Land & Sea modes of transportation along with host of other related services.
Our dedicated staffs are they key to success rendering professionalism is all aspects, where we provide logical consultation prior executing shipments for both imports and exports that allowed us to establish strong partnership and close relationship with esteemed customers.
We are partnered with strong pre-qualified network offices around the globe that perform proactive operations thus providing VIP class operational services with competitive rates to all worldwide destinations.
We are trusted by many manufacturing & trading companies, oil & gas sectors across the world for providing smart and reliable freight services by completing every single shipment as a project. Our clients are updated on regular basis using our sophisticated software solution providing live status on whereabouts of their valuable cargo.