Insurance plays a vital role in a shipment. While you have the option of sending your freight without any insurance, you would bear the entire financial cost in the event of damage or loss of the cargo. PROLOGIC SHIPPING SERVICES  never leaves your cargo unprotected. PROLOGIC’s friendly and professional staff will take the complications out of insuring your cargo, so you can be assured that your imports and exports are covered in the event of loss or damage as cargo Insurance comes in different types with different exclusions. Thus, we advise you the right insurance policy to specific requirement. The outlined types Cargo Insurance policies are offered by us.

    • All Risks Coverage – If you are shipping Household Goods, Personal Effects, or Vehicles, all risk insurance is applicable.
    • Cargo Insurance from Shipper’s Door to Consignee’s Door.
    • Cargo Insurance from Shipper’s Door to destination port.
    • International Motor Insurance for cars under Carnet De passage or Temporary admission

We have contracted rates from major insurance underwriters in UAE & abroad, with exclusive desks ready to answer to our questions transparently and ensure timely response in the event of claims.

Contact us today to know more about the more insurance service.