CPD and  ATA Carnets


PRO LOGIC professionals are well aware the process, procedures & regulation of handling Carnets in all the countries around the world. Two types of Carnets are available in UAE.

  1. ATA Carnet ( Exhibition Cargo )
  2. Carnet De Passage. ( Private & Commercial road vehicle on temporary admission)

ATA Carnet is only acceptable in Dubai and cannot be presented to any other emirates in UAE. A complete comprehensive guidance and assistance shall be offered to our customers to obtain ATA Carnet from Dubai Chamber and even we can obtain ATA carnet on behalf of Customer. The Customs documentation using ATA Carnet for Import and Export may not be a hassle to our customers as PROLOGIC team is well trained to handle In/Out movements of ATA Carnet in Dubai.

Our services include:

Carnet De Passage (CPD)is been used to cross countries with own vehicles from UAE. PRO LOGIC team can assist our customers to follow the procedures of CPD and comply with local customs legislation hence to carry out successful journey. Using CPD documents personal vehicles can be exported from UAE to other countries with 6 months validity and PROLOGIC offers Door to Door services not only for Export but also to bring the vehicle back to UAE before the deadline.

Our services include:

call or write to us today for consultation and quotation for shipment, we also offer service for documentation at your door step.