Temporary admission allows you to bring goods into the country for specific requirements, Prologic Shipping strictly follows the customs policy of UAE which elaborates the customs procedure under which the goods are temporarily admitted for a certain purpose and a specific period of time with the suspension of customs duties levied on them until the purpose for which they have been admitted is terminated provided that a cash or bank guarantee equivalent  to the payable customs duties is submitted. The following goods are permitted for Temporary Export or Import from/to United Arab Emirates

    • Sports vehicles imported to participate in race and rally events Personal car export from UAE to Rest of world with CPD (carnet De Passage) for tourist purpose.
    • Heavy machinery and Equipment for completion of projects or for conducting the experiments and tests relating to such projects.
    • Goods imported for completion of additional processing and re-exported as complete product.
    • Items temporarily imported for playgrounds, theaters, exhibitions and like events.
    • Machinery and equipment’s imported for repair.
    • Containers and packing imported for refilling.
    • Animals admitted for grazing.
    • Commercial samples for exhibitions with or without ATA carnets.

Call or write to us to know about the temporary admission.